Do you have something to shout about?

Community Garden


Talk to us about promoting your community projects online for free !

Are you part of an organisation which is doing good for the community? Do you have a special event you want to tell people about?  Contact us and let's see what we can do for you.


Local Businesses

Advertising your business or service to your targeted local community.  You just send a short (up to 30 seconds) mp3 of your you want to say about your service and we will broadcast it for a whole month, at once every 100 songs for £1, once every 50 songs for £10 or once every 20 songs for £20.

What to say?   How about. "Hi this is Jack if you want to find out my great dog walking service, why not visit my website at

If you are still too shy about using your own voice send us what you want to say and we'll create it for you.

Local Bakery